Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kumbakonam - Dharasuram Temple

Dharasuram is temple is dedicated to Shiva, who is Airavateshvara, the “Lord of Airavata”, located 4 km(2.5 Miles) west of Kumbakonam, was built by the Chola King, Rajaraja II. This

Legend claims that after Airavata, the white elephant of Indhra, the God of the Heavens, regained his lost colour, he worshipped Shiva at this spot.

The four-tiered temple has a Sanctum and three halls, of which the finest is the Raja-Gambira Mandapa conceived as a stone chariot drawn by caparisoned horses with Brahma as its driver.

The outer walls of Dharasuram Temple, Kumbakonam have fine friezes and carvings of musicians, dancers and acrobats as well as depictions from the Periya Puranam, a Tamil treatise on 63 Shaivite poet-saints, the Nayannars.

Kumbakonam - Tirubhuvanam Temple

Kumbakonam, Tirubhuvanam Temple, is located 8 km (5 miles) Northeast of Kumbakonam, is dedicated to Kumbheswara, the “God who removes Fear”.

Kambaharesvarar Temple was built by the King Kulothunga III (1179 AD - 1216 AD). There are two Gopurams and two Praharams,the Karpagraham, Artha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam, Muha Mandapam and Somaskandar Mandapam.

The Karpagraham is in the shape of square. IDhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar and Bramma reside on the wall of Sri Vimana.